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Native to Australia and New Zealand, this underrated wildflower is lovely to grow in the garden and makes a striking addition to homegrown floral bouquets.

This plant is formally named Craspedia, but like all fun and quirky flowers, it has been given several names over the years based on its appearance including drumsticks, woollyheads, billy balls, and billy buttons. And, although it doesn’t look like it, billy buttons are actually part of the daisy family.

Learn how to grow this wonderful plant in your garden so you can enjoy a bountiful display of billy button flowers.

How to grow billy buttons from seed

Billy buttons are easy to grow from seeds. Sow seeds in warm climates at any time. If you live in cooler climates, wait until the last frost of winter and then begin sowing your seeds. Simply press billy button seeds into the surface of the soil in a garden bed, pot or seed tray. Place in a warm shaded location until the seeds germinate. Seedlings will emerge within 14 to 21 days.

Once seeds have completely germinated, transplant them in a location that gets sun most of the day or part shade and has well-drained soil. To achieve mass blooms, ensure the plant receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. Avoid disturbing the roots when transplanting. Water well until the plant has established. Flowers will being to emerge within 12 weeks.

Sow: spring/summer/autumn


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