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Bright Flora Glass Magnets Set of 6


Give your spaces the excitement of tiny little embellishments that that can help them assume whole new beauty, made from glass and given aback that is created mainly to cling on to metal surfaces-the magnet is exceptionally sturdy and will do just that. The profuse use of colours in the graphic held within the bauble adds to the intrinsic charm of these tiny little gems, perfect for adding that touch of colour and beauty to small little spaces.

You can impact your spaces with just the right addition of tiny baubles that come with an exceptional range of colours and floral pattern as in the case of this set of six little wonders. Created to stick on tight to metal surfaces, be it locker doors, the fridge and the locker- and help impact them with its colour and form. The beauty of the piece also lies in its ability to fit on to small little spaces and transform it with its beauteous presence -be it picture frames or window frames for that matter- and when added in a cluster the impact is all the more dramatic. As it comes wonderfully packed in a s et of six baubles, it is a perfect option for gifting as well. You could sue them in singles as well-though the entire set has the same theme and coordinate with another in terms of colour palette and pattern.


  • Material: Glass, Magnet, Cardboard
  • Size: 3.7x3.7cm Each