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Pop Reef Glass Magnets Set of 6


The brilliant blue and pinks in this marine themed coral pattern baubles will hold your transfixed-after all through the glass, the graphic seems to be all the more magnified. Made from superior quality glass, fitted with a sturdy magnet that will hold on tight to metal surfaces, this et of six magnets truly help ad a zestful dose of colour and pattern to small spaces that few other décor items can do.

Made to impact the space with its tiny little presence. These magnets are all of 3.5 cm in dimeter and create a beautiful spot of interest that is all marine. The beautiful corals featured on the baubles bring with them a definite marine flair helping build in some fun and cheer-the soothing colours and creative use of graphics depicting corals in soft yet brilliant colours add that touch of colour and form. The superb glass quality assures you that the picture shield inside will get magnified in such a way that despite its 3.5 cm diameter, it still will be so clearly visible. Pinks, yellows, blues and the brilliance of coral patterns make the so very attractive and eye catching that wherever they might be placed, they will end up being an eye-catching add on. A gorgeous range of colours and patterns is what makes these glass baubles such a pleasure to look at.


  • Material: Glass, Magnet, Cardboard
  • Size: 3.7x3.7cm Each