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The Adventures of Mighty Owen Hard Cover Book


Mighty Owen and his family share their adventures to help you understand how the world can be processed differently when you have a disability. Mighty Owen and his family want to share some of their experiences after Owen was born prematurely as a way to help others.

Not all children are the same, but they are all mighty. A great resource for parents, therapists, schools, siblings and that mighty child in your life.

A Mighty little boy called Owen has to embark on an adventure that most little boys would never imagine. Mighty Owen is strong and powerful, but there is an evil Lord Angry pants, who is out to stop Mighty Owen.

Join Mighty Owen and his friends as they embark on an incredible adventure. They will stop at nothing to defeat Lord Angry Pants!

Written by by Emma, Liam & Owen Roehrs

Illustrated by Owen Roehrs